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Kutahya Ceramics

A rare collection of Armenian ceramics with inscriptions
from the 18th and 19th Centuries.

Kutahya is a city in Western Turkey, about 200 kms from Istanbul. After Iznik, Kutahya was Ottoman Turkey’s most important
centre of ceramic production. Industries of Kutahya have a long tradition, going back to ancient times. Before 1915, most of the craftsmen of Kutahya were Armenians who played a particularly important role in the history of the town’s pottery. Kutahya wares largely reflected the tastes of folk art, introducing the pictorial decoration in the form of scenes and figures from daily life. Relying on the free market for a living, the potters of Kutahya began to use new forms, patterns and colors, succeeding for a short while to
produce ceramics for the world market. 

Photography by Andrew Tavukciyan

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