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Fabulous 19th Armenian Artsakh (Nagorny-Karabagh) rug. Rich with visual content including women dancers, horses and riders on horseback. 4'2'' x 6'0'' (127 x 183 cm).

Armenian horsemanship was well known in the ancient world and was often mentioned by classical Greek historians like Xenophon, Strabo and Plutarch.

Armenian Highland is also considered to be the cradle of livestock domestication. The oldest center of stock farming can be traced to the Armenian plateau. In a paper: “Domestication and early agriculture in the Mediterranean Basin: Origins, diffusion, and impact” Dr. Melinda A. Zeder (2008) argues that the early spread of agriculture known as the Neolithic revolution spread from the Armenian plateau through a mix of colonization and cultural diffusion, into Europe and elsewhere.

19th C Armenia Karabagh rug