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Huge (20"/51 cm diameter), fantastic copper plate dated 1770 with Armenian letters. The 1770 date is a commemoration meaning the plate is much younger. Nevertheless a striking piece of Armenian metal artistry.

This inscription is in Armeno-Turkish. Deciphering this kind of writing can be a bit tricky because engravings can make letters look very different. The first line, "Adeşi sarmeya Haritin" or "Haritun," roughly translates to "the fire's capital is Haritin" or "Haritin’s mastery is his capital." This suggests that Haritun was probably the craftsman who made this tray, like saying "made by" or "crafted by".The second line, "Sara Arez Sisildar," seems to be the names of the people for whom the tray was made. It might be one person’s full name or a couple’s names with their last name, indicating this piece was personalized or specially made for them.

Fantastic and ornate copper plate (1770?)