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Without the provenance provided in Nooter’s book this kilim would have been attributed to Turkish or Kurdish weavers.

19th C Armenian Kilim, Malatya, wool and cotton 65" x 139". Provenance Robert H. Nooter. Shown on pg. 128 of “Flat Woven Rugs and Textiles from the Caucasus” by Robert H. Nooter.

Nooter wrote that he purchased this kilim from an Armenian dealer in Yerevan who bought it from an Armenian family known to have brought it to Armenia during the exodus from Turkey in 1915.

Only a family heirloom would travel with a family during a death march and kept in pristine condition for 80 and more years until being sold during the chaos of the dissolution of the Soviet Union.

19th C Armenian Kilim, Malatya