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Ca. 1800, 166 x 139 cm, West Anatolia, Manisa Province

The rugs of this specific group are attributed to Armenian workshops in West Anatolia. What remains to be established is whether these were situated in Ushak or in the Kula-Ghiordes region. The use of colours rather indicates a provenance in Kula-Ghiordes. The memorable design of huge devices is obviously influenced by Caucasian dragon rugs.

There are only four others Anatolian Dragon rugs I have ever seen. One is in the Ballard collection. But this example is the finest, in excellent condition, with the original kilim ends still intact. The colors are amazing. The background is a delightful aubergine as are the greens and the blues. The rug is representative of the art of Armenian dyers at its zenith.

Armenian Anatolian Dragon Rug circa 1800