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Spectacular antique Armenian Moghan rug inscribed and dated 1851. Inscription says either Aram or Apraham. Super saturated colors including a deep red and and a beautiful teal. Motifs are typical of Armenian rugs: Quincunx symbols and a border with so-called Talish rosettes with lobbed crosses. The pile is excellent and the wool feels as soft and smooth as silk! 5'7" x 4'0 (170 cm x 120 cm)

Without the inscription this rug would have been attributed to the Shahsavan, a Turkic tribe in the Moghan valley, adjacent to Karabagh. The truth is the Shahsavan were expelled from the Moghan Valley in 1823 by the Russians. Also, Anthropologist Richard Tapper who taught at Cambridge and did fieldwork with the Shahsavan in 1965-66, confirmed they never wove rugs, only flatweaves. But the myth remains and is used to misattribute Armenian rugs.

Armenian Moghan rug (1851)