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Historic Armenian Kuba 1820-1830

This fascinating Kuba pays tribute to Russian Field Marshall, Ivan Fedorovich Paskevich who was instrumental in winning two wars in one decade.

The patterns and colors on the medallions represent Russian medal ribbons. This also helps date and authenticate the rug to the late 1820’s early 1830 during the Russian takeover of the Caucasus.

The pattern and color on the top medallions celebrate the occasion when Paskevich became the Count of Erivan. Called the “Imperial Order of St. Andrew the Apostle the First Called”, this award was given to knighted individuals who were then automatically granted hereditary nobility.

The pattern and color on the bottom medallions represent the occasion when he received St. George 1st Degree award after defeating the Ottoman army in Erzurum.

Armenian Kuba 1820-1830