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There is a lot of misinformation on the famous Armenian Chelaberd rugs. Many rug enthusiasts don’t understand what it represents and call it the “Eagle Kazak” from the German word “Adler”. It has nothing to do with Eagles and everything to do with Armenian Dragon mythology. It’s not even a Kazak. They were woven in Artsakh by Armenians.

These rugs were the heirs or the “next generation” of the ancient Dragon rugs. Whereas the Dragon rug retained its pagan essence, the Chelaberd was redesigned to exalt Christianity.

The middle medallion is the pagan Sun which became the Sun Cross. Inside is the pagan “seed” or “essense of life” which now symbolizes Christ. On both sides of the SunCross are the protective and fierce Dragons which now protect Christianity.

Armenian Chelaberd 19th C