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Amazing and charming archaic village Armenian Kazak rug dated 1840 bursting with colors and full of life! Nearly full pile in excellent condition. A piece probably woven for a wedding. 

Depicted is a köçek male dancer. The köçek (plural köçekler) was typically a very handsome young male slave rakkas, or dancer, recruited usually from among the ranks of the non-Muslim subject nations of the empire who cross-dressed in feminine attire, and was employed as an entertainer for wedding or circumcision celebrations, feasts and festivals.


The custom was outlawed in 1857 by the Sultan due to homosexual exploitation. So the date of 1840 on this rug is completely consistent and makes this rug a valuable historic testament. This is as good as it gets. 5'4" x 3'5"

Armenian Village Kazak rug (1840)