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Antique 19th century Armenian solid silver ecclesiastical Sanctuary Hanging Vigil Oil Lamp, Ottoman Empire.

A squat bulbous body rose from a waisted base with a suspended fringed bell to a flaring top crown chiseled, pierced and repoussé with scrolls and applied with three-winged angel heads.

The interior is with a circle that originally supported the oil's glass vessel and is resting on three cabriole legs. The lamp is suspended by three chains from an elaborate scrolling suspension mounts and surmounted by a rosette with a suspension ring.

The lamp is fully marked with Turkish Ottoman silver hallmarks, including Sultan Abdülmecid I Tughra (an Ottoman sultan from 1839 to 1861 AD), sah marks, and the circle bearing the "zig-zag" of the Imperial Ottoman assay silver test mark.

19th C Solid Silver Hanging Oil Lamp